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Mellow's guide for parents ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ


Parent and child guide


We understand that having a child with epilepsy can be a daunting experience. One of the biggest concerns for parents is the potential for seizures to occur without warning. Mellow aims to provide peace of mind by alerting parents when their child is having a seizure.

Please keep in mind Mellow is only designed for children 13 and up. Your child needs an iPhone able to send SMS and an Apple Watch in order to use Mellow. As both devices need to be paired, your child needs their own iPhone. Mellow is not able to be used in companion mode.


#1 Complete onboarding

Download the app from the App Store and create an account. This includes adding your child's first name, their phone number and access to settings necessary for Mellow to work, like Apple Health Kit and Location. You can then enter yourself as an emergency contact and you'll receive a welcome SMS.


#2 Add additional emergency contacts

You can add multiple emergency contacts to receive SMS in case of a seizure alert. Go to Settings -> Emergency Contacts -> Add new contact to add new contacts. They will receive welcome SMS messages when they have been successfully added.




#3 Teach your child how to use Mellow

Make sure your child understands in order for Mellow to work, the following conditions need to be met:

  • Apple Watch is tightened on wrist
  • Mellow app launched on both iPhone and Apple Watch
  • iPhone and Apple Watch paired and kept near each other
  • Both devices have adequate battery levels
  • Devices are connected to the internet and emergency contacts can receive SMS

When setting up Mellow, test a manual alert so they understand how the alert process works. Watch this video together to learn how seizure alerts work on Mellow.

You can also teach them how to self-report seizures and how to review events. Check out our FAQ for more information or contact us by email or text any time - let us know your child's phone number when you contact us so we can solve technical issues quickly.


#4 Check in regularly

Check regularly for app updates, and if the notifications and emergency SMS are coming through as expected. If you notice any issues, contact our support team for assistance. Make your child aware they can text us any time if they have questions or have technical issues.


#5 Stay connected to your healthcare team

Our app is designed to complement your child's healthcare team, not replace them. It's important to stay connected to your healthcare team and inform them that you're using Mellow.


#6 Be prepared

Our app provides peace of mind, but it's important to be prepared for emergencies. Have an emergency plan in place and ensure that your child's caregivers are aware of it. Although our app provides real-time notifications, it's essential to seek professional help when needed. If your child is experiencing a seizure, follow your emergency plan and seek medical attention immediately. Don't rely solely on our app in emergency situations.

Your child should also be aware our app is not a replacement for calling 911 in case of emergency and they should not take any risks they would otherwise not take due to Mellow.


We hope Mellow is useful for your family! Please feel free to send us any feedback you have on the app so we can keep improving ๐Ÿ’œ